Electrical Substation Construction

We have the necessary equipment and know-how to construct electrical substations, and the diligence to maintain them. Hire us as your prime contractor, enlist our construction procurement services, or take advantage of our preventative maintenance programs for all of your substation equipment.

Prime Contractor Services

Building an electrical substation is no easy feat – especially if you’re not an electrician! Let N Line take care of it with our substation construction prime contracting service.

With N Line Electric as your prime contractor, all design, build, procurement, and installation is taken care of. We’ll work diligently and close with you to ensure, not only that all of your requirements are met, but that you are completely satisfied with the quality of the work being completed. Our standard substation services include construction and maintenance of:

  • Overhead and Underground Line Distribution, including pole and transformer change-out
  • Substation and Switching Stations
  • High-Voltage Transformer and Switch Gear Installations
  • Street Light and Parking Lot Lighting Installations
  • New or Existing Substation Facilities

Substation Construction with N Line Electric as your prime contractor makes energy expansion easy. 

Procurement Construction and Installation

As with our Design-Build services, we can also perform procurement for substation construction. N Line Electric will be responsible for the acquisition and installation of materials needed for your substation.

We will procure high-quality equipment for substations from the many suppliers that we have grown to trust in Colorado and Wyoming.

You have better things to think about than where to get the best materials for your substation – let N Line Electric take care of it. 

Preventative Maintenance Programs for Substation Equipment

Electrical substations go through quite a bit of wear and tear, both from the elements and from being in use. Over time, substation elements can fall into disuse, hurting efficiency, and potentially posing a substantial safety risk.

A simple preventative maintenance program with N Line Electric will keep your equipment in top-shape, compliant with state and industry standards, and will keep your substation site a safe location for you and your employees.

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