Contract Electrical Services

N Line has a staff of committed and capable electricians prepared to work on your project, or at your site. Our electricians are constantly improving and expanding their knowledge of electrical services and can design, implement, retrofit, and install any system to meet your needs.

Standard Electrical Contracting Services

Whether you’re building a new office building or retrofitting an old one, an N Line electrician will be a part of your team, and work with them to identify and fulfill needs, obstacles, and solutions.

Our standard electrical contracting services include:

  • Electrical System Installations
  • Electrical Maintenance and Repair
  • Improvements, Additions, and Retrofitting
  • Industrial/Commercial Build Out
  • Telecommunications Installation

Specialized Electrical Services

Our electricians can perform a few specialized services for facilities that will keep your electrical systems working efficiently and compliant with codes and regulations.

  • NEC and OSHA Code Corrections
  • Electrical System Inspections
  • Emergency System Maintenance and Repair

Preventative Service Plans

Electrical systems are complex, and keeping them running smoothly requires an expert eye. Our preventative service plans provide that eye, keeping you appraised of electrical problems or non-compliance, and repairing them before they become a problem. This invaluable service will help to:

  • Avoid accidents and downtime by identifying and eliminating problems in your electrical systems early
  • Qualify you for lowered insurance premiums through preventative maintenance records documented with OSHA.
  • Save money and maintain compliance by eliminating potential OSHA violations.
  • Optimize your budget through increased energy efficiency and reduced facilities maintenance costs.

Get Started With N Line's High-Quality Services

With an N Line electrician you can have confidence in your energy solution, and peace of mind knowing we’re just a phone call away.