Underground Distribution

Overhead distribution is an easy and straightforward solution for carrying power for dozens or hundreds of miles. When you’re only moving that power a quarter mile, however, overhead distribution might be a little robust…

That’s where underground distribution comes in. Subterranean electrical systems keep power lines discreet, avoiding many of the problems overhead lines face while transferring the same amount of power.

Our underground distribution services are comprehensive, and we bring our best work to every project, regardless of scale. There’s no project too big, no detail too small.

Underground Electrical Power Distribution

If you want to avoid many of dangers that overhead power lines face, an underground distribution system may be your best bet. While these discreet, subterranean systems face their own unique issues, they are long-lasting compared to overhead systems, and are less affected by weather and other external forces.

Work with N Line Electric and we will discuss the specifics of underground distribution and find the right method for your project. Our services for underground electrical systems include:

  • Underground Distribution implementation
  • Integration into current power system and facilities
  • Maintenance of underground lines

Working with N Line Electric electricians for your underground electrical system is a no-worries proposition. You can count on them for reliable, safe, and high-quality work. 

Repair and Preventative Maintenance

Underground distribution means you shouldn’t have to worry about tree branches snapping your power lines, but these subterranean systems face their own batch of difficulties:

Fallen branches can damage electrical boxes; tree root systems can unearth, and in some cases, sever underground wiring; access to the electrical system after installation requires trenching and specialized equipment.

Underground electrical distribution without a maintenance program can mean serious trouble for your company when something goes wrong. Our services include:

  • Timely storm damage repair

Any and every N Line electrician maintaining your underground distribution system will treat every issue and asset as though it were their own, ensuring you the highest-quality service around. 

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