Electrical Power Distribution

Having a lot of power doesn’t do much good if it’s all stuck in one place. We are specialists when it comes to electrical distribution – both underground and overhead. Our highly-trained linemen have dozens of years of experience working with distribution challenges for a variety of applications, including:

  • Overhead and Underground Power Distribution Line Installation
  • Medium Voltage Terminations
  • Medium Voltage Testing and Repairs
  • Medium Voltage Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Storm Repair

Both methods have distinct pro’s and con’s, but when you work with N Line Electric, we’ll make sure the solution you’re getting is the best fit for your needs – that’s a guarantee.

Find out more about N Line Electric’s Overhead and Underground Distribution experience and services:

Overhead Distribution

The particulars of overhead power line distribution and construction can be a little overwhelming, even for many seasoned foremen and construction companies. N Line Electric has dozens of years and thousands of miles of experience distributing power overhead.

We can deliver overhead distribution solutions for almost any project.

Underground Distribution

Burying electrical power lines underground can be a daunting but necessary ordeal. When you contract an expert electrician from N Line Electric, it gets a lot easier…

Our value is unmatched when it comes to electrical power distribution services. We have the experience and flexibility to complete any underground distribution project to specifications, with our personal, customer service-focused approach.