Your Needs

Our electrical services can be useful for almost any kind of business or industry – even energy itself! 

Expert Electrical Contracting

Hire an N Line Electric electrician for any and all of your electric needs. Our electricians are experienced working on projects and sites of all types – they will be an invaluable resource for your business.

No matter your electrical needs, N Line Electric can take up the charge. 

Design-Build Services

For custom and from-scratch electrical solutions, N Line Electric will work with you as a Design-Build contractor. Our electricians will work closely with you before and through build-out of your facility to design and develop an electrical system that best fits your needs.

N Line Electric’s Design-Build Electrical Services are efficient for clients in almost any industry.

Electrical Distribution

N Line Electric has been the primary contractor for many electrical distribution projects. Our staff are knowledgeable and capable to perform both design and build operations for distribution projects.

Our Specializations Include:

Overhead Distribution

Underground Distribution

Electrical Substation Construction

Substation Construction is a comprehensive use of our electrical services. We can act as prime contractors, on a procurement and installation basis, or in other capacities as needed to complete site construction.