Oil and Gas Electrical Contracting

The extraction, processing, and treatment of oil and natural gas require the utmost care and safety. 

Electrical Services for the Oil & Gas Industry

Colorado and Wyoming are two of the busiest states in oil and gas, and they keep getting busier. We’ve been working closely with many in this industry since we got started, allowing us to understand the needs and standards for extraction, processing, and other natural gas requirements.

We have experience working primarily at these kinds of oil and gas sites:

  • Saltwater Injection Stations
  • Gas Processing/Treatment Plants
  • EcoNode Centralized Facilities
  • Gas Compression Stations
  • Truck Loading Terminals
  • Gas Metering Stations
  • Gas Gather Stations

We provide all of our standard services for the oil & gas industry, including Design & Build Services, prime contracting for electrical system implementation, and maintenance.

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Our commitment to safety is what makes our electrical services for the oil and gas industry a step above the rest.