Commercial Electrical Contracting

From schools and offices to restaurants and apartments, we are the best commercial electric contractors for your job. 

N Line’s Commercial Electrical Services

Our commercial services have connected us with entrepreneurs, educators, and businesspeople in our community that we have built strong relationships with.

  • Educational Facilities: We have updated, implemented, and maintained electrical systems at high schools, universities, and other educational facilities.
  • Office Buildings: Like educational facilities, office buildings can be upgraded for efficiency and Green efforts.
  • Retail & Restaurants: A retail store without display lights won’t sell very many products; a restaurant without functioning kitchen equipment won’t serve many meals. Contracting with N Line will make your electric build-out stress-free.
  • Housing: Our services don’t quite extend to single-residential projects – that would be a bit like swatting a mosquito with a Louisville Slugger – but we have extended experience installing electrical framework for apartment buildings and complexes, and in developing neighborhoods.
  • Recreational: We have experience building out and maintaining electrical systems for recreational facilities – both public and private.

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Our commercial electrical services are a great fit for all kinds of businesses in the Front Range.