The N Line Electric Advantage

Why work with N Line Electric? Surely there are plenty of electrical contractors in Colorado and Wyoming – what sets N Line apart?

At first glance, we appear to be like any other electrical contractor – we have standard services, decades of experience, and plenty of pictures of pylons and cherrypickers.

What is the N Line Advantage – the edge that benefits our clients that our competitors can’t match?

It's all about People, Safety, and Satisfaction


Without our people, N Line Electric wouldn’t exist

We hire only the best, most-motivated electricians to ensure the best quality of service to our clients. Our workers are diligent in their commitment to the work they are performing, and will go to all ends necessary to ensure satisfaction, maximize safety, and provide personal service.

Equally, if not for our clients, N Line Electric would just be an idea.

Our gratitude and dedication to our clients shines through every interaction we have with them.


Electricity is a necessity in this modern world; we work so that electrical accidents aren’t.

There are many reasons that we prioritize safety above all else, chief among them is protecting the people that will interact with the work we’ve done. We believe workers should have peace of mind regarding safety while working; we do as much as we can to ensure they will.

We hope that by keeping safety at the forefront of our work, we can help to influence and shift the standard, improving and prioritizing safety across the board.


We want happy clients, happy employees, and happy and healthy business for both.

A business that doesn’t strive for satisfaction probably won’t be making it into the Fortune 500 anytime soon… or going very far at all.

How does our focus on satisfaction make us different from any other electrical contractor? It’s because our focus won’t dwindle. We provide the same level of high-quality, committed service at every point in our business relationships.

Don’t take our word for it; see testimonials from our clients and see how we’ve gone above and beyond time and again.

Plus, you'll take advantage of these N Line Electric benefits:

Consistent, Maintained Training

Our electricians are constantly in training – whether it’s on-the-job or through courses. We encourage all of our employees to focus on increasing their knowledge of electrical systems so they can offer the best, most comprehensive service to our clients.

The culture at N Line not only promotes advancement, but catalyzes it – our Merit Shop standard means that the advancement of our electricians’ responsibilities – and careers in general – is in their hands. We attract and hire only the best, most committed workers.

Comprehensive Electrical Services

There are many industries and work sectors that benefit from experienced and knowledgeable electricians. For some, in fact, electrical expertise is required for them to even operate.

Our professional electricians have more than 50 years of combined experience with electrical work. They have implemented and maintained electrical systems at a wide variety of both industrial and commercial locations.

Culture of Safety

Electrical work can be hazardous, not only to an electrician, but to others on-site. Safety in electrical work requires someone who can identify and resolve potential safety hazards when they occur, and work toward averting them altogether.

We have a culture of safety at N Line Electric. We provide our electricians with their own personal protective equipment (PPE), we have daily safety meetings – safety is a cornerstone of our business and the service we provide.

Customer Focus

Electricity is a crucial resource for industrial and commercial businesses – it’s literally what keeps the lights on. When electrical issue rear their heads, it can slow business to a stand-still.

We understand the importance of uptime, and how stressful it can be when electrical systems go down. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and our commitment to resolving any potential issues as swiftly as possible.

N Line Electric has the expertise to solve your electrical problems.

Not convinced? See what some of our past clients have said about working with N Line Electric, and give us a call for a free consultation.